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PROFILE | Hope Suhr

PROFILE | Hope Suhr

Hope Suhr is the CEO and President of Hope’s Chest, a consulting bra company fro the breast cancer survivor and the every day woman.

Hope started at the early age of nineteen in management in the food industry. She immersed herself in the field of sales; which brought her a Presidential and a marketing award for her old employer company by bringing in 50% more than her peers. She was a co-owner and founder of three other companies at one time. Hope went on to a multi-level company when she learned to build a team and leaned the trade and help recruit retain, encourage, develop and was one of the top in her group. She then took a position at a nonprofit distribution center then moved on to be an assistant manager at a bookstore. Her dedication and experience over the years, has landed her positions with technology, housing, restaurant and retail companies. With this knowledge Hope has been able to build a strong foundation for Hope’s Chest.

Hope will be a presenter at 4th SoCal Annual Women Business and Wellness Conference on Nov 13, 2019 in Ontario, California

The idea of helping women find the perfect bra came from her brassier fitting experience, some years ago. A local boutique introduced a bra specialist that introduced several bras based on newfound measurements. Her experience changed her look and comfort level, which had an immediate impact on her life. She now has a boutique and online store called Hope’s Chest. Since that encounter Hope studied the culture of the brassier, its proper fit and its function in everyday life. Her experience has not only set a new comfort level in her life, which has inspired her to launch “Hope’s Chest.”

Hope Suhr a “Chestologist”™ has partnered with Loma Linda University Medical Center, Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, Michelle’s Place and 2 prominent plastic surgeons in the area. She has fostered a new arena of service by providing post mastectomy prostheses and bras; an area that is close to her heart as her mother is a breast cancer survivor. Her company will reach her seven-year mark this August. Hope has established a friendship with Fallbrook Hospital Women’s Group & active member of many women’s groups. To mention a few articles that she has been featured are the business section in North County Time, featured in The Californian Business Scene Magazine, was recognized as a Women of Distinction in the Inland Empire Magazine, feature in SWR newspaper, Friday Flyer and Neighbors Newspaper most recently she was featured in the California on the front page in the Community outreach event she was holding

Hope was named Inland Empire’s Best Lingerie Boutique, she was Business of the Month under 67th District Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez in June 2014.  2013 was a stellar year for Hope as she was named SBA Woman Business Champion of the Year and Canyon Lake Business of the Month 2013 plus she was selected to receive the Small Business Administration 2013 Region IX Women in Business Champion of the Year Award. Hope also founded a Non-profit, Women’s Business Resource Connection that allows local women business owners a chance to connect and thrive. Along with being a gold sponsor to Susan G Komen in 2012, she was also on the board of directors for the NAWBO from 2010-2012.

In 201  she saw that retail was not heading in the right direction so she quickly closed her brick and mortar location down, she is still in the industry but has changed her business model to a replunishment program.

While she was making that change she got her license in Life and Health and has moved into the business consulting business with tax incentives for manafactures. This is her passion!
Hope is married to Daniel Suhr and has 2 boys. Hope loves to cook, entertain, snow ski, play in the ocean, swim, have family and friend get together and is currently reading a great book called.