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Diane Caldera |New Director of Operations at Omnitrans

DianeCaldera Omnitrans

DianeCaldera Omnitrans

Diane Caldera is the new Director of Operations at Omnitrans after serving eight months as “interim” Director. Caldera joined Omnitrans in 2005 as a Coach Operator. Within six months she took a position in Human Resources then later returned to Operations to work as a Field Supervisor. Caldera was quickly promoted to Assistant Transportation Manager where she spent seven years managing and mentoring others.

Prior to Omnitrans, Caldera worked as a Code Enforcer for 11 years at the City of San Bernardino and spent four years working at Rim of the World School District as the Executive Director of its High Hopes program. Caldera also has 30-year military career and is currently serving as a Major in the Air Force Reserve.

Caldera oversees more than 400 employees responsible for delivering public bus service across the San Bernardino Valley. Her department also manages transportation contracts to provide demand response services: OmniLink, a general public dial-a-ride; and, Access, transportation for persons with disabilities.

Caldera relishes her role in the launch of Omnitrans’ new bus rapid transit line in April. “sbX is a challenge because it’s new and unknown, but the extensive training and testing we’re doing will have us well prepared.” says Caldera. Read more about Diane Caldera at Omnitrans Blog.
Omnitrans currently employs about 640 people directly and has 220 contracted employees. Annual ridership tops 16 million on 32 bus routes and paratransit services combined. The agency fleet includes 177 transit coaches and 105 vans and minibuses for demand response service.