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Profile | Lindon Austin Crow

Profile | Lindon Austin Crow

In his own words . . .

Lindon Austin Crow

Lindon Austin Crow  is President of Productive Learning.  Almost 25 years ago, my father, Lindon Oscar Crow, founded Productive Learning. His dedication to helping people become the best versions of themselves created not only this extraordinary business but also a unique environment for growing up. But that’s his story, and this is mine.
For me, life is about helping people take ownership of their realities and set paths forward to uncover the greatest joys possible.  There’s simply nothing more satisfying than watching an individual dig deep inside themselves and uncover truths they didn’t realize existed.  This is what I get to do almost every day at Productive Learning.

I’ve worked with Productive Learning since 2010, but my drive to both help and understand others is rooted way back in my childhood.  I’ve always been fascinated with people and why they do what they do.

Perhaps even more importantly, that fascination drove me to look inside myself and commit to mastering my internal world.  As my parents often reminded me, I was the one who had to live with me.  It was essential for me to learn how to love and care for myself so that I could then give to others.

Mr. Crow will be participating at Hispanic Lifestyle’s BizCon 2018 as a Panelist.

After graduating from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and minor in religious studies, I started my journey of self-discovery with a one-way ticket to Ecuador.  The intent was to “slay some dragons,” and that’s exactly what I did.  When I got the call to attend the Productive Learning Trainer’s Training, I showed up ready.

Since joining Productive Learning, I’ve had the honor of helping more than 2,500 clients achieve higher levels of emotional awareness, self-mastery, and personal fulfillment.  I’ve led more than 40 types of workshops and training over the course of 7,000+ hours – and I’ve enjoyed every minute.  My clients and coworkers say I’m known for my provocative, straightforward, and compassionate communication patterns, but I feel like it’s simpler than that; I’m not afraid to tackle the hard topics, and I recognize that it needs to be done with empathy and genuinely good intentions.

I get excited about this puzzle we call life.  Sorting through it all, understanding how the pieces fit together, and forecasting potential outcomes for my clients is a process that comes naturally to me.  Through my work with Productive Learning, that process lets me help my clients make better-educated decisions about their current directions and opportunities for growth.

In 2013, I became the President of Productive Learning.  It’s been one of the greatest challenges and most rewarding endeavors of my life.  In this role, I’m guiding the future of the organization, ensuring its continued ability to address the needs of all our clients during every stage of growth.  I’ve found a renewed appreciation for the productivity-driven, business-oriented, and leadership workshops we offer, and I’ve grown by leaps and bounds during this time.  Luckily, I’m also supported by the greatest teams possible.  Together, we truly believe that anything is possible.

In that same year, I also married the love of my life.  I’m sure many of you are familiar with my wonderful wife, Cassie, who is also a trainer at Productive Learning.  We met when she was working for Productive Learning’s Northern California branch. She was spunky, feisty, beautiful, raw, honest, and deeply inspired to know everything about herself. I had truly met my match: someone with whom I could share this passion and work, but also someone who would call me out, challenge me, and push me. That was exactly what I needed in a partner.

My mission in life is to continue to discover the wealth of possibilities and uncover the meaning behind it all.  Whatever life throws my way, this is my life to live.