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Soft Surroundings Expands

In this Hispanic Lifestyle video exclusive, we talk with Karen Brooks Sr. District Manager Texas and West Coast for Soft Surroundings about the brand, their style and opening up their second California location.

Soft Surroundings is dedicated to making you look and feel your best. Our first catalog mailed July 19, 1999. We are based in St. Louis, Mo.

Busy women of all ages are our customers – especially those who need to be reminded to put themselves at the top of their “To Do List.” Our philosophy is that by putting yourself first, you can take better care of friends and family and hopefully live a happier, more fulfilling life.

We design the majority of our quality fashion and bedding here in St. Louis. Our goal is to ensure that our customers maintain their unique sense of style without sacrificing comfort and to do whatever we can to help you relax into a good night’s sleep.

We strive to make it easy to look as great as you’ll feel, with our time-saving beauty solutions. We de-mystify this world to save you time and money. We test everything.

We don’t use the word “pamper” because wearing soft, comforting clothes, sleeping on fine linens and soothing your body and mind should be an everyday occurrence, something you owe yourself regularly – not just a treat.

Their philosophy
Put yourself first. Choose what makes you happy. Then you can better care for the people around you.

These are the ideas our whole company is built on. And we practice what we preach. We take care of our employees like we take care of our customers, and ourselves.

Soft Surroundings is a nurturing place. A growing place. We help people see their potential and achieve it. Those who succeed are real and genuine, and we never forget we’re all human. We are energetic about each other and what we do – designing and sharing remarkable fashion, beauty and home décor.

It’s a catchy idea. That’s why we’re growing by leaps and bounds, adding new retail stores across the nation every month and expanding our catalog and online offerings daily. Still, we’ll never lose sight of our founding principles: take care of you and everything else will fall into place.

So, we promise to:

-Communicate. You’ll get the information you need to do your best. We’ll talk about what we expect and how it’s going and growing. We’ll be open about our company goals, achievements and opportunities.

-Nurture. Your abilities, initiative and teamwork will be recognized and rewarded. We want you to be excellent at what you do and feel like a star.

-Lead by example. We are all about rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done! We are collaborative and enjoy working together as a team.

-Develop your skills. Like to learn? We want to share our knowledge of the industry with you as well as get your input and guidance on your own successes, past and present.

-Have fun. Who doesn’t want to have fun at work? We love our customers and our customers love us! Building great relationships and having fun with our customers and each other is the foundation of our success. Come play with us!

If Soft Surroundings speaks to you and you’d like to grow with us in retail or at our corporate office, we’d love to hear from you.