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Profile | Anita Kanti Executive Talent Strategist and Trained Life Coach 

Profile | Anita Kanti Executive Talent Strategist and Trained Life Coach 

Anita Kanti – Executive Talent Strategist and Trained Life Coach 

Anita K knows about pain. She struggled with self-confidence living in a traditionalist Indian home. Likewise, growing up as a minority in Orange County, CA, she felt intense social pressure to be like everyone else. So, when she met and married the love of her life she thought she had at last found true happiness. 

Unfortunately, months after the birth of their first child, her husband succumbed to depression and alcoholism. Years of misery ensued. Desperate for a solution, she sought support from Al Anon. After receiving coping skills to turn her life around, she plunged further into personal development, reading countless books, seeing therapists, and even traveling to India to obtain guidance on self-knowledge and mindfulness. 

Undoubtedly, Anita’s loneliness nearly crippled her, cheating her of life’s beauty. For too long, she didn’t view herself as courageous—yet, she proved herself wrong. Undaunted by her pain, she rose to the occasion, behaving bravely to wrest her life back. Once she did, Anita gained something more valuable than happiness; she found purpose: to help others find their bravery.

We live in a culture of outrage and instant gratification. Too many of us play the blame game, thinking our problems can be solved externally and quickly. Anita helps her clients see the only way to create lasting change is to mindshift life’s challenges—to take responsibility—to correct from the outside in.

Easily accessible, never judgmental, and always compassionate, Anita is certified through Anthony Robbins’ the Robbins Madanes Training. Featured on nationally syndicated radio shows, including Out of Office, Hire Power, and Like a Real Boss. She is the author of Behaving Bravely, the Life Coach Resident Expert for the podcast, Life at the Office and co-producer of YouTube’s The Mak Show offering insightful life strategies.  

Anita sees a gap in our culture to strategically help individuals, families, and corporations alike, not just survive, but thrive. An onsite coach for multiple organizations, she also leads TG Rainbow, a transgender support group. She coaches her individual clients through life transitions, relationships, cultural identity management, career advancements, and develops unique solutions to achieve their personal goals.

A graduate of USC in marketing, Anita worked in the corporate sector for years. Building on this experience, she now coaches professionals in the workplace. With an an emphasis on supporting top global tech firms, she mentors execs and employees alike in techniques for leadership growth, individual talent development, career search strategies, and gender gap awareness.

Excitement, service, and passion infuse Anita K with a unique affinity for unlocking limitless solutions for life’s many challenges. Her message is simple: only by peering within and doing the hard work to mindshift will we ever find true peace and fulfillment.