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New Rates from Southern California Edison

New Rates from Southern California Edison

The short story is that I received a letter from Southern California Edison (SCE)  about new rates. My wife asked if the letter was legit, so I decided to reach out to my friends and colleagues at SCE.  In my case the new rate option will be more expensive for me.  See I have been listening to presentations by SCE for over 20 years.  I avoid using major appliances such as the washer, dryer during peak hours and only one air conditioning unit during very hot Inland Valley days.  We have ceiling fans throughout the house and have changed most of our light bulbs. I forgot to mention that we purchased energy efficient appliances.

When I asked why our rate would be higher with this new program, Mr. Ron Gale with Edison International | Southern California Edison shared this information with me,

  • SCE’s “Time-of-Use” (TOU) rates are based on how much energy a customer uses and what time of day they use it.
  • You could benefit from a TOU rate if you’re able to move some or most of your energy usage away from the 4-9 p.m. time slot (a.k.a. “On-Peak” hours), and take advantage of lower rates during “Off-Peak” hours (see attachment).
  • SCE has an online rate comparison tool ( so you can find out what type of rate is most beneficial for your home.
  • SCE is transitioning about 2.3 million residential customers across its 50,000 square-mile service area to TOU rates in monthly waves, beginning Nov. 1 through April 2022; affected customers will receive a 90-day notification letter in advance of their transition date.
  • If a TOU rate doesn’t suit your lifestyle, you can opt out by returning the business reply card that came with your notification letter; or completing the online form at; or phoning SCE’s dedicated TOU line at 877-287-2140.
  • Get more details about SCE’s residential TOU rates at

Friends, take a good look at your bills, ask questions and make the right choice for you.  Thank you Mr. Gale for your quick response.

Richard Sandoval, InlandValleyLiving.Com /