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Inland Valleys and Inland Empire United Way Announce Merger

Inland Valleys and Inland Empire United Way Announce Merger

United Way of the Inland Valleys and Inland Empire United Way Announce Merger to Create Inland Southern California United Way.

Inland Empire United Way and United Way of the Inland Valleys have served neighboring communities for many years, but after more than a year of strategic conversations, the leadership and Boards of Directors have agreed that a single organization could have a greater impact on the region. We are excited to announce that we are joining forces to become Inland Southern California United Way (Inland SoCal United Way). This new organization brings together many strengths to serve our community and is comprised of three diverse organizations that have been serving the Inland Region for many years. With this new structure, we are not losing our old identity, but rather we are in a metamorphosis into something stronger, more agile, and better able to serve our community the way they need us in this moment in time.

Inland Empire United Way manages 211 San Bernardino County and United Way of the Inland Valleys includes Community Connect, which manages 211 Riverside County. The 211 call centers for each county will remain separate, but both will continue to be operational 24/7 with the goal of lowering wait times and expanding crisis call service. The merger will enable ISCUW to more effectively deliver programs and services across the Inland Southern California region.

Our new and expanded organization will offer a regional campaign approach for our corporate partners and share a consistent regional story about our role in the community. In fact, partnership between our United Ways was responsible for establishing the Inland SoCal COVID-19 Fund that has sought to meet the needs of those affected economically by the impact of the pandemic through direct assistance payments. The Fund has seen notable successes including a four-million-dollar anonymous donation, and support from several local companies.

“We have seen in the short amount of time that we have been working together that our two organizations are heavily complementary to one another and have the opportunity to make positive impacts at a much greater rate. Both organizations have strong programming that we are looking to grow for our entire region to better serve our community’s needs.” said Lisa Wright, President & CEO of Inland SoCal United Way.

About Inland Southern California United Way
Inland Southern California United Way is committed to investing and advocating for the local communities in the areas of Health, Education, and Financial Stability. United Way strives to improve the lives of children and families through public policy, as well as providing much needed resources. By partnering with a network of local nonprofit organizations, United Way delivers critical services to our community, connects individuals in crisis with needed resources 24/7 through 2-1-1.