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Goya Foods donates 200,000 pounds of food, equivalent to over 170,000 meals

Goya Foods donates 200,000 pounds of food, equivalent to over 170,000 meals

Jersey City, New Jersey – April 9, 2020 – Goya Foods, America’s largest Hispanic owned food company, has made an initial donation of over 200,000 pounds of food, equivalent to over 170,000 meals, to organizations, food banks, food pantries and soup kitchens, as well as over 20,000 protective masks across the nation.   Goya will continue to donate to those facing hardships during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are faced with an unprecedented national crisis and Goya has always stepped up to the plate in times of desperate need.  As an essential business, our Goya teams are working 24/7 to meet the overwhelming demand for food and ensure that supermarket shelves nationwide are stocked with nourishing products, while also providing food to communities who are food insecure or not able to get to supermarkets,” said Bob Unanue, President of Goya Foods.

Donations were made directly to Catholic Charities of New York and Newark, Food Education Fund, The Sisters of Life, The NY Common Pantry in partnership with New York City FC, City Harvest in New York City, The Community FoodBank of New Jersey, Secaucus Food Pantry, families of Cristo Rey High School, Jersey City Medical Center, The City of Jersey City for the Homeless, Holly Name Hospital, and Kingsborough Community College; Caring for Friends in Philadelphia; Feeding South Florida; The Houston Food Bank, Latino Learning Centers Inc., Tejano Center for Community Concerns, Texas Feeding Alliance and Catholic Charities of San Antonio in Texas; The Salvation Army Little Village, Catholic Charities Casa Latina and Children’s Hunger Fund in Chicago.  With the support of each organization, the food has been and will continue to be distributed to families, children, homeless and the elderly communities.

“We are so grateful for Goya Foods who enable us to serve those most in need, no matter the circumstances.  We have never seen a crisis like this and we are truly grateful for Goya’s leadership and quick response to provide nourishing food to families, children and our elderly communities,” said Antonio Fernandez, President & CEO Catholic Charities of San Antonio.

COVID 19 has dramatically impacted the livelihood of communities, businesses, places of worship and organizations that normally provide food on a daily basis to those who are homeless, elderly and food insecure.  Unemployment has sky-rocketed, and the need for nourishing food is at its highest demand.

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