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Community Spotlight | Trinity Youth Services

Community Spotlight | Trinity Youth Services

Trinity Youth Services, nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation, has been improving children’s lives through positive community impact since 1966. Trinity provides quality short-term residential programs, foster care and adoption services, and mental health programs to traumatized, abused, neglected and abandoned children throughout Southern California and Houston, Texas. 

Trinity Youth Services provides foster care, adoption, residential and mental health services for children in Southern California and Houston, Texas. The Foster Care and Adoption Agency serves and cares for children in certified foster homes who have been removed from their families due to trauma, abuse, neglect or abandonment. Home-based foster care, treatment foster care and mental health services are available. The adoption program finds permanent homes for children placed in foster care whose parents have had their parental rights terminated. The short term residential therapeutic treatment programs serve adolescent young men placed by county departments of children and family services and probation, whose behaviors are the result of trauma, abuse, neglect or abandonment. Specialized services for sexually abusive youth are available. Residential and community-based mental health services are also provided.

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