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Genovese’s Italian Kitchen | Serving the Neighborhood Since 1980

Genovese’s Italian Kitchen | Serving the Neighborhood Since 1980

Genovese’s Italian Kitchen Reopens With Perfect Pairing Acclaimed Chefs, Husband and Wife Team, Bring their Passion to Neighborhood Eatery

When two acclaimed Chefs come together to operate an eatery it is sure to be a winning recipe.  Energized and excited, Chefs Hugo Molina and Aricia Alvarado, wife and husband, are the new proprietors of Genovese’s Italian Kitchen, a neighborhood spot on the western edge of Alhambra. After years of successful restaurant ventures, the couple is bringing their passion for great food closer to home, to a neighborhood eatery where they will serve up delicious comfort food along with lighter, California-inspired options.

Reopening Genovese’s with a refreshed menu curated by building on the favorite dishes of long-time regulars, like the popular lasagna and pizza pies, they want old and new patrons to enjoy the cheerful setting.  “We invite the community to make Genovese’s their spot to savor delicious dishes with wine and beer and a side of local history,” says Chef Molina.  “We are bringing some fresh and special touches to Genovese’s while also honoring the long history it has serving the neighborhood since 1980.”

“We want to give our long-time regulars the delicious dishes they keep coming back for, while adding new menu items we are sure will become favorites,” says Chef Aricia. “We also added more outdoor seating in a space with greenery and flowers for enjoying a meal al fresco.”

Chef Molina has been touted for more than three decades as one of the premier chefs in all of Southern California. His passion for food and his bountiful culinary adventures have brought acclaim to the restaurants where he has delighted his loyal fans and made numerous new ones.

Chef Aricia is a tastemaker that loves to combine her flair for food development and design with business savvy, in the kitchen, mixology, wine pairing, restaurant management, Chef and award-winning mixologist.

Genovese’s Italian Kitchen: 2900 W. Main Street, Alhambra, CA 91801; Hours: 11 am to 8:30 pm; Telephone: 626-289-5667.