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Profile | Lemke’s Leverage

Profile | Lemke’s Leverage

LL LogoWith Retail Management, Operations, Casino and Nonprofit experience and being in the Marketing Industry for almost a decade, Lemke’s Leverage was finally built to provide just that! Combining all of that experience I created Lemke’s Leverage to launch your company to the next level. The passion comes from learning about people, their business, their goals and creating a strategy that works for your Company. My favorite part of the journey is the relationships I build and share to encourage success. My clients are new businesses, or even an established business that is looking to grab a larger share of the market. My clients are also passionate about what they do, that’s why it’s my job is to get you the audience to share that with. At Lemke’s Leverage we have the tools and resources that you need to become the business you aspire to be.

I have many influences in my life and every single person has taught me one lesson or another, I may not know everything…but I do know someone who does.

Cyndi Lemke

Cyndi Lemke

The beauty of Marketing is the skill of communication, and that can be done in so many creative ways. We have to stand out to stay on top, you have to get in the mix if you want to be seen and you must stay relevant to your audience. All of this can be accomplished by staying connected: Social Media, Networking and get involved in your community are the major ways to make that happen. We offer Social Media training to help you maintain your social media strategy, partnerships through networking and research for the best sponsorships to match your goals and mission.

There are so many aspects to a marketing strategy, one of the most important is research. For the Marketing to work, you need to understand who your target market is. Lemke’s Leverage makes a part of the business strategy getting to know who you are and what you offer, but more importantly who your customer is. I believe you should invest in learning who your competitors are, what they are doing and even looking at a collaboration whenever possible. Creative thinking will always help us get you in the spotlight. That is always the goal.

Lemke’s Leverage offers business solutions to Command your online presence with websites that include:

  •   Complete Statistical Tracking
  •   Toll Free Access to Technical Support Services
  •   Email Campaign System
  •   100 GB of server space with ability to add unlimited pages
  •   Unlimited links within site directing to associated companies
  •   SEO & Performance Metrics
  •   Social Media Marketing/Social Networking Widgets
  •   Free software upgrades
  •   Unlimited access to the software from any computer with Internet access
  •   Unlimited Email Boxes
  •   Ecommerce Capabilities
  •   RESPONSIVE WEBSITE INCLUDED! BE SEEN ON ANY AND ALL MOBILE DEVICES!Lemke’s Leverage is passionate about marketing because we want to you be successful!

Contact Cyndi Lemke 951-282-1617 or email