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BUSINESS OWNERS | Are You “Surviving to Thrive”

BUSINESS OWNERS | Are You “Surviving to Thrive”

Since 2014 Hispanic Lifestyle has recognized companies annually as “Survived & Thrived” businesses. Given the fact we are living in unprecedented times, HispanicLifestyle.Com and our sister website InTheMarketPlace.Biz will highlight One (1) business a day for the next 30 days under the title “Surviving to Thrive”.

To be highlighted as a “Surviving to Thrive” business, please forward the following information to our attention.

  • Name and Address of the Business
  • Permission to post information about the Business and distribute throughout our network. See information about Hispanic Lifestyle Inc. network reach below. 
  • Up to 500 words description on the company
  • A website link to the business website
  • Logo and photo of the business
  • A short narrative, about 100 words on why the business is requesting to highlight on the “Surviving to Thrive” listing. 
  • Please LIKE or FOLLOW on us on social media  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn and encourage others to do the same. Thank You we would appreciate the gesture.   


  1. Do you have to be a 100% Latino/Latina/LatinX owned – NO
  2. There is NO COST to be highlighted 
  3. Postings will be done a first come, first served basis.  

Submit your information to

NOTE | Hispanic Lifestyle will still recognize our annual “Survived and Thrived” Businesses, here is a link for those details.  

To support our efforts please send your request for sponsorship to or call me directly at 951.640.1146

About Hispanic Lifestyle Inc. 
Since 1995 Richard Sandoval has been connecting business owners and professionals with quality networking events and inspiring media productions. Mr. Sandoval has been recognized twice by the Small Business Administration (SBA) and several other federal, state and local organizations for his commitment to highlighting the professional achievements of our community leaders. Our original digital productions have loyal national following in the hard to reach diverse professional and business owner market segment.  

Hispanic Lifestyle’s Online Media Network includes the websites, InlandValleyLiving.Com, InTheMarketPlace.Biz and WeAreMenifee.Com

Our social media network includes pages on the follow sites:  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.  Youtube Channels include, Hispanic Lifestyle, InlandValleyLiving, WeAreMenifee.Com and 

Our estimated weekly reach is approximately 250k business owners and professionals throughout the United States. Annually we have approximately 13 million online impressions via emails, social media postings and visits to our websites.